About Picknwork LLC

A fintech company that is solely into developing innovations and technologoies that is geared towards enhancing and improving websites and apps by offering more security layers and improving performance.

Picknwork was founded in 2018 and have been developing scripts, modules and plugins that can help strengthen most CMS and web applications, with the sole purpose of re-engineering the ways certain web applications and CMS are accessed. We from time to time come together as experts and developers to work on a given project that may allow every one managing a CMS or web application to easily integrate this features in their websites without the need to start coding them.

Our key areas of expertise is in developing web applications such as login authentication module, multiple secured login system, newsletter susbscription, notifications and alert module, authorized comments apps, and many more.

Our Vision

To bring about a more robust system and modules that enhances businesses, companies and webservices with ease and yet taking security measures to the ultimum.