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I have drawn out my business plan and I have a great company and business, and yes in this modern age I sure need a global presence for my business, but then how much will getting a website cost me?

This is one key question that every business needs to ask before setting up to get a website, but unfortunately there is no one answer that fits all, so we have simply written this article as to further enlightened you on the basic requirements that will set your business running.

The basic requirements are:
1. A domain Name
2. A hosting server
3. Site Files/Designs or Structures
4. Email account
5. Maintenance
6. Security

We will carefully be updating this post based on the above mentioned requirements and at the end we will be doing a feasibility study of how much a site is likely to cost you in setting them up using many case scenarios

1. Domain Name

See a domain name as a unique online office address for your company via which anyone who wants to know details of your business will visit. Every domain name is unique and cannot be the same across the global.

A domain name or domain names are supervised and controlled by a global entity called ICAAN, they ensure compliance and global management of various domain name.
The registrars are third party agencies and company that facilitates the registrations of a domain name into the ICAAN database.

And there are good known domain registers across the globe sighting top known names such as Godaddy, Register, Namescheap, and bluehost.

A domain name is paid for annually and prices ranges from $5 upto $60 depending on the domain extension.

There are lots of domain extensions to go with and they .com, .net, .org, .io, .biz, .info and some country level TLDs.

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