Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our question and answer section below if you can find your intending question already answered but if not found please do not hesitate to contact us and we will respond to your questions immediately

General FAQ

How do i get started?
Simply click on the signup link and then fill your correct details and choose your preffered paln and then submit, upon successful payment we will setup your account and then notify you once your account is fully setup, this takes between 6hrs - 48hrs before your account is fully setup
Can i upgrade my subscription plans?
Yes you can upgrade from low plan package to higher plans any time you wish to, however the older plans will not be rolled over
What is the difference in the plans?
The only difference is the payment duration, as all the plans offers just the same thing and features and previledges
After payment when will my account be set up fully?
It takes between 6hrs to 48hrs for your account to be fully setup, and you will be notified once your account is fully setup
Can i use one subscription for multiple websites that i own?
No you can only use one subscription for one website, if you need to use it in more than one website then you have to login to your portal and click the add new domain option and then pay for the new domain and your account will be setup to also work on the new domain you added
Do you charge for integration?
No we dont charge any integration fee beacause our plugins comes with and easy to integrate method, however if you face any difficulty you may refer to the Documentations or you can contact our help team an we will assist you free
Does my subscription gives me access to modules you will develop in future?
Basically you are allowed access to most of our plugins an modules as long as your subscription is still active with us, but however we may decide to offer some new features by charging addition fee if you which to have access to them too
Can i add emails and users directly on my newsletter list?
No you can not directly adde an email to your newsletter list, your users have to add their emails and also verify their email before the email can be allowed to recieve emails or sms from you. Also note that a user can remove his email from your list and can further place your account on permanent ban if he/she considered your messages unwanted anymore
What CMS do you have plugins for?
We have plugins for wordpress, and joomla
Can i cancel my subscription anytime and request for refund?
We do not issue refund, we strongly advice you start off with our starter plan of $5 and if you find that our products and services are not perfect for you then you may discontinue using us but no refund will be made
Apart from the subscription fee what other fee must i pay?
You may use almost all the features in the plugins and modules without paying extra fee, but if you want SMS usage for login authentications or SMS notifications or using our advanced email features then you will need to buy an SMS credit or Email Credits
How much is the SMS or Email credits?
There is no fixed amount of SMS or Email credits you can buy, we only have a minimum buying limit of $10 and maximum of $200,000 per single purchase
How can i buy OTP Bundles?
You can buy OTP bundles for SMS OTP or Email OTP using Credit Cards or Bank Wire, these are the two supported payment methods

Using Credit Cards

Simply select Buy by Credit cards and then enter how many OTP Units you want to buy and then enter your cards details, was your payment is successful you will see your purchased OTP Units instantly credited to your account.

Using Bank Wire

Simply select the Buy by Bank Wire and then enter how many OTP Units you want to buy and then click submit, a payment reference will be shown to you with our bank details, kinly make payments using the reference code, your purchased OTP Units will be credited to your account once we have confirmed your payment.
Can i withdraw or convert unused OTP Units into cash?
You can not convert your OTP units into cash and you can not withdraw them, is not transferable, that is why you are advised to purchase OTP Units based on your usage capacity

Developers FAQ

How do i get started as a developer?
Simply go to our sign up page and select I AM A DEVELOPER option from the drop down menu in the sign up page and the fill your informations and click submit
Is there a fee for sign up as a developer?
Yes there is s ontime non-refundable accessment fee of $10, this is to ensure you meet our average developers skills and experience
What happens if i didnt pass your the accessment test?
You will be notified of your performance and if you did not pass our developers test, then you won't be listed to work with us as our developer
Can i re-apply if i failed the developers test?
Yes you can re-apply, but we strongly advise you re-apply after 3months to enable you study and improve in your developing skills
Do I get paid monthly once am approved to work as a developer?
No we dont pay any fixed or quoted monthly fees, your earnings depends on how much our clients appreciates your works, and we take 30% off any amount that a website you developed was sold and the rest is paid to you
How much do i get for a sold website or plugin or functions?
We take 30% off any amount you sold your website or plugin or function, the selling price is determined by you as along as it passes our minimum selling price
How frequently do i get paid?
We pay every 7 days after the website is sold or after the clients made payment for a job or function you did
Do I have to sit and wait for jobs to come before getting paid?
Our approach is unique, we advise developers to build a full functional websites with all the right contents and images as though you were already contracted to do so by someone else, then once done you can submit it to be listed in our catalog, someone who love your work and need such website will pay for it

Customer Care FAQ

How do I signup as a customer care agent?
Visit our signup page and select I AM A CUSTOMER agent option from the drop down options, then fill your details and make payment of $10 no-refundable fee for the accessement test
What if I didnt pass the test?
You will be notified about your performance and then recommend areas you need to improve on
What is my job as a customer care agent?
many companies are emerging on daily basis and most of them are managed by sole CEO who has other jobs or works alondside, so is idea that they hire virtual staffs for answering attending to their clients phone calls and emails on their behalf.
What is language is supported at this time?
Currently only English language is supported and the ability to understand a companies mode of operations as to properly represent the companies interest profficently.
What other qualifications creteria do i need to have?
Fluent in English language, ability to communicate and interact with clients, and overly skill in the use of computer, phone and communication devices
How much do i get paid?
We pay $300 - $500 monthly depending on the company and expected work time
Can i work from my home?
Yes most job requires you working from the comfort of your home, as basically all you do is to attend to clients calls and chats and inform and guide them about the company you are assigned to work for

Ready Made Websites FAQ

Do i need to signup before buying a ready made website?
Yes you need to register as a free user on our website, is simply and ease, visit out signup page and select I AM A CUSTOMER and then fill your details and submit
Is there a fee to sign up as a company?
You only need a free account as a customer to start buying our ready website
How does a ready made website work?
A ready made website saves you lots of stress from employing a webdeveloper whose competence you don't know or scared of getting exactly the design and features you want in your intending website, simply view already completed works and make your choice
Is ready made website a template or theme?
No, our ready made website is not a templete or theme, is a full functional website designed for you, and once purchase you start using the website immediately and is removed from our catalog
Can i make suggestions of color and contents?
Yes, can suggest for colors or contents for a particular ready made website you bought and our editing unit will do that for you
Who does the installation and uplaoding after purchase?
We take all installations and uploading all by our self to install or upload it on your server or on our own server if you want us to at no extra cost
Who manages the website after purchase?
You can allow us install/upload and manage the website for you at a small yearly fee, or we can uplaod and install on your own server or webhost if you want to use your own webshost
Do you offer free domain and webhosting for my purchased website?
Yes we offer free .com, .info, .biz, .org, and .net domain, and a free hosting only if we are the ones to host and manage your website for you, but if you want to take control of your website we can assist you in instaling it on your own server and domain name
Can i request my free domain transfered out to another registerar?
Yes if for any reason you dont want us to manage your websites for you any more, you can simply request your website and domain moved to a different webhost and domain registrar, we do not hold down domain names or website files once you have already purchased if from us
What type of website can be seen in the catalog?
We have websites built in HTML, PHP, JS, RUBY, CSS and many more, we also have content management websites like Wordpress and Joomla for schools, churches, business and just about any type of websites

Custom Functions FAQ

What is custom functions?
Most websites are extended by functions to meet its primary use and purpose, and we have scripts and functions or codes that you can buy and add to your website to get the needed functions and operations you need
What type of functions do you have?
We have pre-built functions that you can just install in your websites and start using its features, or you can request a specific function to be built for you
How does the functions come?
The functions comes mostly as a stand alone plugin for wordpress websites, simply php files, written piece of codes that can be copied to your website files.