Looking for valid email addresses of clients or people that you intend to reach out using your email marketing strategy or bulk sms? Look no further, picknwork have an enabling platform that you can use to buy these phone numbers and email addresses directly from the owners.

Yes the owners of these millions of phones numbers and email addresses will personally give you their contact details for you to reach out to them regarding any form of adverts or information’s you which to pass across to them.

This interfece is very easy to use and with a simple click of the mouse you will build your email lists and phone numbers lists with verifiable and active email addresses and phone numbers.

don’t go about buying dead lists and contacts that does not exist or users have stopped using them, with picknwork email and phone lists buying portal you will be able to buy over 1million lists directly from the users.


1. place your buy contact request using the form on your left, by selecting the number of contacts you want buy, and also specify of which country you need those contacts from.

2. select if you want only email address or only phone numbers or both.
3. Once submitted, your request will be made available to users willing to share their contacts with you. they will do that using a simple click of the mouse.
4. Once the specified number of lists you want is completed, you will receive a csv file containing the contacts of users that sold their contacts to you..


  • We don’t sell these contacts to you directly, we allow owners of these contacts to decide if they want to share the contacts with you.
  • We do not decide when your request gets completed as these solely depends on your selected country and how ready they are to sell to you.
  • We only allow one unique valid user to sell his/her contact to you till the end of the contract, as this limits the chances of having same phone number and email address sent to you multiple times.
  • This lists are clean, valid and up to date as users on our platform are mandated to validate their emails and phone before their account is active.
  • We don not send the names and physical address of the user that sold his/her contact to you for security reasons, you will only receive their phone numbers and emails that’s all.
  • You can cancel your request and get the already sold contacts if your targeted amount of emails and phone numbers is taking too long to complete, however we recommend you starting small with your target list before going big.
  • There are chances of getting same email and phone numbers if you create another buying request when the previous one ended, but it is not possible to get a repeated phone of email address in a current contract.