How it works for jobbers

We have a simple working interface for both our employers and employees, a structure that enables anyone looking for substantial income to seamlessly work at the comfort of their homes.

Step one: create a free pick N work account.

Step two: browse through our published online jobs found in the work basket section of our page.

Step three: mostly these online jobs varies and have different work modules or functions required the clients to adhere to, most jobs are directly offered by pick N work, where other jobs are offered by our partnering firms and companies or employers.

Step four: your earnings are credited directly into your Pick N work account which you can withdraw anytime to your local bank account anywhere in the world.

Step five: for jobs offered by any of our partnering firms or companies, you will see an option (withdraw to Pick N work account) once you select this payment method, they will send your earnings directly to you through our pay workers module, and your earnings will be credited to your Pick N work account which can be transferred to your bank account almost immediately.

How it works for partners

Step one: simple click the partner with us link and fill the required information’s about your company, business or organization and then submit.

Step two: your details will be reviewed by our team and validate most information’s entered, and then notify you about the status of your application.

Step three: all partners are asked to pay for employment protection funds of $500 – $2000 depending on the nature of work engagement, this funds are held by pick n work and is to be used to settle our employees in the case of failure to pay our employees and to ward against false employment promises that ends up wasting jobbers time. These includes any money making mobile applications developers and other money making scheme. We want to ensure that our employees get what they are promised.

Step four: Once we have approved your employment application, we will list your employment offer in our work basket section,you will be asked to include Withdraw to Pick n work account in your mobile application or website where our jobbers will click withdraw and direct you to withdraw to their pick n work account. we will guide you through this simple integration process.

Note: This can be used by any affiliate earning program, per pay click, multi level marketing, and any legitimate money making scheme. we save you lots of money running adverts as we already have millions of jobbers that ready to work.

How it works for employers

For firms, company or individuals looking for certified jobbers to under take jobs like graphic designs, website designs, programming, customer care assistance, language translator, data entry, video editing and other professional job, you don’t need to pay the protection funds, rather pick n work will give the actual costing for the job and assign the jobs to our certified professionals that will best handle your work, therefore certified jobs are handled directly by pick n work. simply click on Hire Jobbers link and follow the procedure.

Pick N work extends its platforms to established firms looking to enrich their workforce especially when it concerns virtual office assistance.

We have two tiers of jobbers on pick n work workforce, which are the certified jobbers and the non-certified jobbers, which ever tiers of jobbers you may be looking for are all available on pick n work